Careful Making “Swift” Judgments on the Oil Sands

In a recent Switchboard blog post, attorney Anthony Swift of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), took a tip from OSFC and developed his own point-counterpoint rebuttal of the facts we’ve continuously laid out on Claiming that the pipeline industry feels it requires no due diligence in transporting oil sands crude, Swift argues that […]

Canada Optimistic Project, Not Politics, Will Guide Keystone XL Decision

Americans aren’t the only ones debating what impact the outcome of the presidential election will have on energy policy. In Alberta, home to Canada’s oil sands which represent 97 percent of the country’s 175 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, citizens closely watched the race while newspapers honed in on how the next U.S. president […]

Canada: Putting the “North” Back In North American Energy Security

Originally posted on EnergyTomorrow Nearing the home stretch of the U.S. presidential campaign, there’s lots of talk about energy. Both candidates have embraced increased domestic production – even as other politicians, energy experts and the media have talked increasingly about the potential for American “energy independence.” Because oil is a global commodity, it’s more accurate to […]

All Things Considered?

NPR dives into the Keystone XL debate, only to tell less than half the story 1892 Facebook mentions 161 Comments 104 Tweets 75 Recommendations That is the response (as of Aug. 21), captured through social media, to National Public Radio’s (NPR) latest “All Things Considered” piece about Keystone, Kalamazoo and oil sands crudes. That’s a […]

Once and Future Claims

In the wake of the NTSB Marshall, Mich. investigation, the National Wildlife Federation seized the opportunity to make a sweeping – and inaccurate – case against the transportation of oil sands crudes The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an independent federal organization charged with determining the probable causes of transportation accidents, investigated the 2010 Marshall, […]

NRDC Recycles [Claims, Baseless Accusations and Pipeline Conspiracy Theories]!

With the Keystone XL provision stalled in the federal transportation bill conference, and an environmental assessment on the newly-proposed Keystone route through Nebraska pending, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has set its sights on a brand new – and completely manufactured –controversy. They’ve found a willing audience among other fossil fuel opposition groups in […]