NRDC Recycles [Claims, Baseless Accusations and Pipeline Conspiracy Theories]!

With the Keystone XL provision stalled in the federal transportation bill conference, and an environmental assessment on the newly-proposed Keystone route through Nebraska pending, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has set its sights on a brand new – and completely manufactured –controversy. They’ve found a willing audience among other fossil fuel opposition groups in […]

FACT SHEET: Facts About Pipeline Safety and Canadian Crude (API)

Pipeline Safety Oversight in the United States Liquid petroleum pipelines carry crude oil and refined petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, etc.) across state and even country borders (interstate & international) as well as within states (intrastate). Pipelines are widely acknowledged to be the safest and most efficient way to move energy products […]

Myth vs. Fact: Pipeline Safety

MYTH: Oil sands pipelines are different than regular oil pipelines and are unsafe. FACT: Pipelines carrying oil from the Canadian oil sands are no different than other pipelines designed to carry petroleum. Those pipelines designed to transport heavy oils operate under higher pressure levels than is necessary for lighter crude oils, but as is true […]