As Americans Say Yes to Keystone XL Opponents Recycle Old Stunts

Support across the country for the Keystone XL pipeline is overwhelming. In fact, as a Pew Poll revealed last month, it’s “almost universal.” But that’s no wonder considering that the benefits of Keystone XL are obvious.  As our pamphlet “Why Americans Say Yes to Keystone XL” explains, Keystone XL will create tens of thousands of […]

Opponents’ Major Road Block: Energy Security

–          NRDC’s Anthony Swift obfuscates and twists the facts on Venezuelan imports –          The facts: CITGO only refined 23 percent of the Venezuelan crude imported in July – that means other companies refined the other 77 percent of Venezuelan crude imported If Venezuelan crude is primarily consumed by non-CITGO refineries, there is every reason to […]

NRDC Recycles Old Redford Video Ahead of Keystone XL’s Five Year Anniversary

–  The NRDC Redford video is pure Hollywood – full of fiction, devoid of facts, and completely recycled.  – State Department has found that refined product export trends are “unlikely to be significantly impacted” by Keystone XL. – The Obama administration, news outlets, research organizations, and prominent climate scientists dispute activists’ global warming claims. Ever […]

Latest NRDC Recycled Julia Louis-Dreyfus Video Clip Shows Keystone XL Opponents Running Out of Ideas

As yet another poll released this week reveals that Americans overwhelmingly support the Keystone XL pipeline, opponents are running out of ideas, and continuing to recycle their worn out – and thoroughly – debunked claims. The latest example?  Check out this video launched this week by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) – notice anything […]

NRDC Recycles [Claims, Baseless Accusations and Pipeline Conspiracy Theories]!

With the Keystone XL provision stalled in the federal transportation bill conference, and an environmental assessment on the newly-proposed Keystone route through Nebraska pending, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has set its sights on a brand new – and completely manufactured –controversy. They’ve found a willing audience among other fossil fuel opposition groups in […]