IEA: Canadian Oil Sands Not to Blame for Global GHG Emissions

During an interview this week in Ottawa, IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol said that continued development of Canada’s oil sands and addressing climate change concerns can go hand in hand. Noting that Canada is not a significant source of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, Birol said, “Compared to the major emitting countries, this is not […]

Careful Making “Swift” Judgments on the Oil Sands

In a recent Switchboard blog post, attorney Anthony Swift of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), took a tip from OSFC and developed his own point-counterpoint rebuttal of the facts we’ve continuously laid out on Claiming that the pipeline industry feels it requires no due diligence in transporting oil sands crude, Swift argues that […]

The Keystone XL: Jobs, Energy and the Environment

A giant inflatable pipeline moving down Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue made some headlines over the weekend as opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline and oil sands sought influence over President Obama’s decision on the project, likely to be one of 2013’s most anticipated. Unfortunately, the demonstration – as well as the larger argument over the 1,700-mile […]

Do the Math: Keystone XL Will Create Jobs & Revenue for Americans

In contrast to the majority of Americans who have time and time again expressed their support for the Keystone XL pipeline, fossil fuel opponent Bill McKibben of is taking his latest road show to Washington this week, and dragging his apocalyptic numbers on climate change with him. This particular stop for McKibben’s “Do the […]

Canada Optimistic Project, Not Politics, Will Guide Keystone XL Decision

Americans aren’t the only ones debating what impact the outcome of the presidential election will have on energy policy. In Alberta, home to Canada’s oil sands which represent 97 percent of the country’s 175 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, citizens closely watched the race while newspapers honed in on how the next U.S. president […]

A Second Look at the KXL Debate

Following last week’s presidential debate, The Wall Street Journal and its contributors addressed a debate-worthy topic in its own right that they say will undoubtedly remain a focus in this election season: the Keystone XL pipeline. Setting up a little debate of its own, WSJ invited president of the Natural Resources Defense Council Frances Beinecke […]