With the Overwhelming Scientific Consensus against Them, Anti-Keystone XL Groups Launch Desperate Twitter Stunt

The anti-Keystone XL group, 350.org, launched yet another PR stunt today directed squarely at Secretary of State John Kerry as he arrived in Lima for the international climate talks. Happening now: help send tweets to @JohnKerry on Keystone XL as he arrives at #COP20 climate talks! more info here: http://t.co/W1l2qBb5tO — 350 dot org (@350) […]

The “New Evidence” On Why Obama Should Approve Keystone XL Now

While Americans today are enjoying the tremendous economic benefits of increased North American oil production, opponents of fossil fuels remain committed to their quest of keeping us dependent on sources of energy from unstable regions of the world. Today anti-Keystone XL activist groups such as Bold Nebraska, the Sierra Club and 350.org wrote yet another […]