Nebraska’s KXL Approval Puts a Damper on Opponents’ Parade

In a brief letter to President Obama and Sec. Clinton today, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman recounted the review process by which the Keystone XL project was subjected before he declared his final approval of the pipeline route through the state. Notably, it wasn’t the governor who provided any more color on what his decision may […]

Fifteen Ways Sierra Club Got It Wrong On the Oil Sands

How many inaccuracies can you physically cram into a video that’s only one minute and 42 seconds in length? Well, if the author of the video is the Sierra Club and the topic is the oil sands, turns out the answer is: quite a lot. By our count, there are at least 15 separate things […]

Alberta Oil: How bad data leads to bad policy

Alberta Oil By Alberta Oil staff Understanding the energy sector often requires navigating competing, chaotic and often confusing data sets. Figuring out the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from oil sands is one example. Wide-ranging estimates, differences in data quality, availability and collection all make getting the numbers right difficult. As a result, using these numbers […]