Nothing New in NRDC’s Latest Report

Well, there’s nothing new in the anti-Keystone XL report the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) released today with the help of their ally, climate activist Bill McKibben.  Just take the letter green groups sent to the State Department, combine it with the letter Representative Waxman and Senator Whitehouse sent to the State Department, (which were […]

Debunking Opponents’ Latest Claims on Keystone XL

Oil Sands Fact Check Report Ever since the State Department released its Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) in March finding that Keystone XL will not significantly increase greenhouse emissions because Canada will still develop its oil sands, Keystone XL opponents have attempted to utilize everything in their playbook to try and undermine the report. […]

In Case You Missed It…New Editorials Support Keystone XL

As you get ready for the Fourth of July holiday, you may have missed several new editorials supporting the Keystone XL pipeline. Over the past few weeks, editorial boards from Chicago to Billings, Montana have responded to President Obama’s declaration that the approval of Keystone XL hinges on a finding that the pipeline will not […]

Happy Canada Day!

Here at Oil Sands Fact Check, we’d like to wish Canada a very happy Canada Day! On the birthday of our neighbor and ally, it’s important to highlight the crucial relationship between our two nations – one that could lead to a mutual goal: North American energy security. Canada has the third largest oil reserves […]

ICYMI: WATCH: API’s Schild Discusses Administration’s Latest Moves on Climate and Pipeline

WATCH: API’s Schild Discusses Administration’s Latest Moves on Climate and Pipeline Watch Video Here (Subscription Required) Ahead of President Obama’s rollout of his administration’s new climate plan, Cindy Schild, Senior refining and oil sands manager at the American Petroleum Institute (API) spoke with E&E’s Monica Trauzzi in an OnPoint interview today to discuss the Obama […]

“With A Stroke of His Pen” – President Lincoln Transcontinental Railroad Analogy More Fitting

If you’ve been following the recent Keystone XL coverage inside the beltway, you probably couldn’t help but notice the latest sensationalist arguments being peddled by Keystone XL opponents and propped up by a few in the press.  As one outrageous claim follows another, it’s pretty clear that this opposition operation has been throwing spaghetti against […]