Petcoke: Just Another Scapegoat

Anti-fossil fuel group Oil Change International suddenly points to a little known petroleum product as the smoking gun for Keystone XL’s demise. Problem is: experts don’t agree. Top-line facts: The State Dept. didn’t ignore petroleum coke in its environmental analysis of KXL. The Department consciously chose not to include it beyond what was already embedded […]

Keystone XL Pipeline: A Long Road to Approval

Clocking in at over four years of review, the Keystone XL pipeline has undergone the longest pipeline application deliberation in history.   Download Infographic

Keystone XL Pipeline: Security, Safety & Support

Pipelines are widely acknowledged to be the safest and most efficient way to move energy products overland for long distances. Keystone XL is designed to be a state-of-the-art pipeline that will help diversify our energy supply and encourage domestic energy production. Download Infographic

Keystone XL Pipeline: Jobs & the Economy

The Keystone XL Pipeline will transport 830,000 barrels of North American oil per day, supporting economic growth for the United States along the way. Not only will it create jobs and state revenue, but it will also help maintain jobs and refining capacity here at home. Download Infographic

API: KXL Will Create 20K Shovel-Ready Jobs

Following comments from vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan on his ticket’s promise to deliver the Keystone XL, API senior economic advisor Rayola Dougher made an appearance on Fox Business to explain why the new American president, whomever that may be, should see this project to fruition. Watch the latest video at <a href=””></a> KXL will […]

PRESENTATION: Internal Corrosion Discussion Before the National Academy of Sciences (DNV)

Conclusions on internal pipeline corrosion as presented by Oliver Moghissi, PhD, vice president at Det Norske Veritas (DNV): Internal corrosion in DilBit pipelines is like other crude oil pipelines -Cannot be ignored -Can be managed Existing internal corrosion consensus standards and industry practice are applicable to DilBit pipelines DilBit is unique in terms of public […]