Myth vs. Fact: Oil Sands is Tar Sands

MYTH: It’s tar sands, not oil sands. FACT: The oil sands are a mixture of inorganic matter, silt, clay, water and viscous oil called bitumen. Tar, in contrast, is a modified pitch produced primarily from wood and roots. They serve completely different purposes and therefore deserve different names.

Myth vs. Fact: US Does Not Need More Oil from Canada

MYTH: We don’t need more oil. Why increase imports from Canada? FACT: The United States needs more supply of all types of energy, including oil, to meet our growing energy demand. According to Charles Ebinger, Director of the Energy Security Initiative at Brookings, “Increased domestic oil production, coupled with growing imports of Canadian oil sands, […]

Myth vs. Fact: US Producing Oil will Benefit the Economy than Importing

MYTH: Producing our own American oil would benefit the economy far more than importing Canadian oil sands. FACT: Approximately half of our oil in the United States comes from domestic sources but we need to import the rest to meet our energy needs.[1]  Canada is the number one supplier of imported oil to the United […]

Myth vs. Fact: Few American Multinationals will Benefit from Canadian Oil Sand

MYTH: Only a few large American multinationals will benefit from Canadian oil sands production. FACT: At least 2,400 American companies from 49 states are already involved in the development of Canada’s oil sands.[1]  A variety of American companies manufacture equipment and products that are then used in Canada for oil production – everything from engines […]

Myth vs. Fact: Oil Sands Operations only Employ Canadians

MYTH: Oil sands operations only employ Canadians. FACT: A variety of manufactured goods and raw materials required for Canadian oil sands development are currently provided by American companies and American workers. Additionally, for every U.S. dollar spent on Canadian exports – including oil – up to 89 cents is spent on imports of U.S. goods and […]

Myth vs. Fact: Gulf Coast Export from US will Raise Prices

MYTH: Gulf Coast refineries will export refined products from the United States, thereby raising prices for consumers. FACT: Exported refined products consist primarily of heavier products that are not in demand in the U.S., such as diesel, residual fuel oil and petroleum coke. The vast majority of on-road motor fuel refined in the U.S. is […]