Nothing New about “New” Keystone XL GHG study

There’s nothing new in this “new report” on Keystone XL and greenhouse gas emissions – the same researchers released a draft of this study in December 2013. The State Department took that draft report into account (citing it in its Final Environmental Impact Statement) and still concluded that Keystone XL would have a negligible impact […]

Support for Keystone XL Piles On

This week, as Canadians celebrated Canada Day, what better time to highlight the benefits of Keystone XL – a pipeline that would help both our countries achieve substantial economic growth and energy security. The promise of Keystone XL was on full display this week as many towns in the path of the pipeline “pray for […]

OSFC Op-Ed in WashExaminer: A year later, it’s clear Keystone XL has passed Obama’s ‘climate test’

Click above to view the complete pamphlet. Click above to view the full video   This article originally appeared in The Washington Examiner. One year ago this week, President Obama announced that theKeystone XL pipeline would have to pass a “climate test” in order to be approved. Opponents of the pipeline cheered. They cheered because the president had […]

New Video and Pamphlet: Overwhelming Consensus: Keystone XL Passes President Obama’s Climate Test

  News outlets have been reporting that billionaire anti-Keystone XL activist Tom Steyer – after performing his latest PR stunt today by rolling out a new climate report – is planning to visit the White House tomorrow to discuss his climate agenda.  The timing here is interesting: tomorrow also happens to be the one year […]

A week full of reasons to approve Keystone XL

It’s been a busy week chock full of reasons to approve Keystone XL. Remember late last year, the New York Times reported that despite the unrest last summer in Egypt, Syria and Libya, American families were not experiencing the oil price shocks that they historically have thanks to the U.S. and Canadian energy boom.  This […]

OSFC OP-ED: Colorado Senators are MIA on Keystone Pipeline (Colorado Observer)

  Colorado Observer Colorado Senators are MIA on Keystone Pipeline By Matt Dempsey, OSFC This article originally appeared in the Colorado Observer Coloradans may have just received the disturbing truth as to why their two U.S. senators were missing in action when Congress was ready to vote to put thousands of Americans to work on the Keystone […]