Top 5 Things You Should Know About Transporting Oil Sands Crude

On March 29, an oil pipeline running through Mayflower, Arkansas experienced a leak that resulted in the evacuation of 22 homes and immediate clean up efforts from the pipeline’s operator, ExxonMobil. According to reports, the Pegasus line was carrying Wabasca Heavy crude oil – a blend of crude produced in the Athabasca oil sands region […]

Keystone’s Paper Anniversary

One year after gaining presidential approval, the Gulf Coast Project demonstrates the economic potential of a full Keystone XL line Economic growth and job creation are well underway in Oklahoma and Texas one year after President Obama promised to give the support of the administration for the southern leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, known […]

Groundhog Day at the State Department

Similarities between the State Department’s 2013 and 2011 environmental review docs portend early spring for Keystone XL, and long winter for pipeline opponents Top line points: The Canadian oil sands will be developed regardless of whether Keystone XL is built or not. Keystone XL will have no impact on climate change because Canada’s oil sands […]

Nebraska’s KXL Approval Puts a Damper on Opponents’ Parade

In a brief letter to President Obama and Sec. Clinton today, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman recounted the review process by which the Keystone XL project was subjected before he declared his final approval of the pipeline route through the state. Notably, it wasn’t the governor who provided any more color on what his decision may […]

Guest Post: Oil Sands Key to American Highway Users

Guest Post by Greg Cohen, CEO, American Highway Users Alliance Ensuring access to a variety of available energy resources is an important part of supplying Americans with reliable and affordable fuel sources. The American Highways Users Alliance supports a national agenda that encourages the use of all types of energy, both onshore and offshore, including […]

A Second Look at the KXL Debate

Following last week’s presidential debate, The Wall Street Journal and its contributors addressed a debate-worthy topic in its own right that they say will undoubtedly remain a focus in this election season: the Keystone XL pipeline. Setting up a little debate of its own, WSJ invited president of the Natural Resources Defense Council Frances Beinecke […]