NEW VIDEO: Keystone XL is a Boon to the U.S. Economy

With public support for the Keystone XL project only growing, Oil Sands Fact Check today released a new video featuring the unscripted voices of labor union members and manufacturers that explain why approval of this project is so critical: Americans need these jobs. Check out the video in our “Featured Video” section or through YouTube […]

Keystone XL Opponents’ Plan B Strategy: Delay, Delay, Delay

As momentum behind approving the Keystone XL pipeline grows, opponents are scrambling to regroup. Public support is now around 70 percent, and many of the main arguments made by activist groups have been debunked by some of their most loyal allies. Even the pipeline opponents admit their last resort is simply to delay the project […]

Groundhog Day at the State Department

Similarities between the State Department’s 2013 and 2011 environmental review docs portend early spring for Keystone XL, and long winter for pipeline opponents Top line points: The Canadian oil sands will be developed regardless of whether Keystone XL is built or not. Keystone XL will have no impact on climate change because Canada’s oil sands […]

Guest Post: Oil Sands Key to American Highway Users

Guest Post by Greg Cohen, CEO, American Highway Users Alliance Ensuring access to a variety of available energy resources is an important part of supplying Americans with reliable and affordable fuel sources. The American Highways Users Alliance supports a national agenda that encourages the use of all types of energy, both onshore and offshore, including […]

Inflated Stats or Inflated Process on KXL?

During an appearance yesterday at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus, outgoing EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said that while she does not know where the decision over Keystone XL is headed, she believes there has been an inflation of job estimates around the pipeline. Considering that Keystone XL has undergone over four years of review, one would […]

The Keystone XL: Jobs, Energy and the Environment

A giant inflatable pipeline moving down Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue made some headlines over the weekend as opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline and oil sands sought influence over President Obama’s decision on the project, likely to be one of 2013’s most anticipated. Unfortunately, the demonstration – as well as the larger argument over the 1,700-mile […]