Even Warren Buffet says it’s time to build Keystone XL

By Sabrina Fang

While the president continues to ignore the facts and the science from his own State Department review of KXL, one of Obama’s biggest supporters is urging him to approve the pipeline.  Warren Buffet says building Keystone is the right thing to do because Canada is an important trading partner, the oils sands resource is important to North America and will be sold elsewhere if the U.S. says no to KXL.

More Keystone news:

  • John Kerry slams climate skeptics and fossil fuels, but sidesteps Keystone – Politico Secretary of State John Kerry railed against climate change skeptics on Thursday, saying that “future generations will not and should not forgive those who ignore this moment, no matter their reasoning,” though he offered no direct clues on whether he would back the Keystone XL pipeline.
  • Pipeline foes appeal to Nebraska lawmakers in testy hearing – Associated Press
    Opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline appealed to Nebraska lawmakers on Wednesday in their latest effort to overturn the state law that allowed former Gov. Dave Heineman to approve a route through the state.  About 60 landowners and activists rallied at the state Capitol in Lincoln as pipeline developer TransCanada Corp. defended its use of eminent domain to gain access to property owned by holdouts.
  • The oil price crash and the oil sands – Macleans
    “Oil sands production will continue to increase in the near term, likely through 2020 if not beyond, unless prices decrease materially relative to today. If they remain as low as they are, there’s certain to be a downward revision in the long-term growth forecasts for oil sands, but don’t expect production to decline in the near term.”

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