WATCH: Elections Show Keystone XL Won with Overwhelming Bipartisan Support

The election is over and the results are clear: Keystone XL won with overwhelming bipartisan support.

To mark Keystone XL’s victory last week, Oil Sands Fact Check is releasing a new video, which puts the spotlight on the fact that from Alaska to Louisiana, from Kentucky to Virginia, from Georgia to Colorado, Democratic and Republican candidates across the country were touting their support for Keystone XL to gain votes.

Of course, if Keystone XL won in the election that means Tom Steyer lost – big time.  As one pollster put it, Steyer’s impact was “Zero. None. Zero.”  Remember Steyer was the one who said he was going to make Keystone XL the defining issue of the election.  Instead, not one ad from his group NextGen Climate even mentioned pipeline.  Why?  President of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Jack Gerard put it well when he explained, “The money Mr. Steyer spent was wasted — the public doesn’t share their view. The public is pro-energy security and job creation.”

After anti-Keystone XL groups spent no less than $85 million against pro-energy candidates, Tom Steyer didn’t exactly get the results he had hoped for.  As Politico reported, the Senate is now poised to pass a Keystone XL bill:

“Republicans will command a filibuster-proof Senate majority in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline after Tuesday’s election victories — and they could be within striking distance of assembling a veto-proof bloc for the project, increasing their leverage over President Barack Obama.”

As OSFC’s video shows, in Arkansas both the Republican and Democratic Senate candidates appeared together at a pro-Keystone XL event.  In Colorado the moderator for the Senate debate asked about the pipeline’s absurd delay.  Even anti-Keystone XL groups endorsed pro-Keystone XL candidates, as they were hard-pressed to find candidates that didn’t back the pipeline.  It couldn’t be clearer that support for Keystone XL, as one recent poll found, is “almost universal.”

President Obama said himself that his policies were on the ballot this November and Keystone XL was no exception.  It’s time for him to listen to the American people and finally say yes to thousands of jobs and increased energy security.  It’s time for him to approve Keystone XL.

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