EPA Administrator McCarthy: “If there’s oil there, someone will find it and use it.”

In yet another blow to Keystone XL opponents’ linchpin argument, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told Boston Globe reporter David Able in an interview today that, regarding Keystone XL, “If there’s oil there, someone will find it and use it.”  As Able tweeted later, “EPA administrator Gina McCarthy didn’t buy the argument that blocking the Keystone pipeline would prevent the extraction” of Canadian oil sands.

This isn’t the first time Administrator McCarthy has commented on this issue.  This interview comes just days after she said on PBS’s “News Hour” that EPA’s work on climate will not be affected by Keystone XL. As she put it, “No one project is going to take that away from us.”

Of course, Administrator McCarthy’s comments are so weighty because President Obama made it clear that his decision on Keystone XL hinges on a finding that the pipeline will not significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions.  Turns out his top environmental regulator, the State Department, IHS CERA, prominent climate scientists, and numerous news outlets, have strongly countered activists’ claims stating clearly that Keystone XL passes President Obama’s climate test.

And McCarthy’s comment that “If there’s oil there, someone will find it and use it” has certainly been proven in news reports: over the past couple of weeks, New York Times, NPR, and CNBC have all published articles explaining that Canadian oil sands will get to market regardless.  So it’s no wonder that the New York Daily Mag just called Keystone XL opponents’ crusade “a huge environmentalist mistake” and “a bizarre misallocation of political attention.”

The consensus could not be clearer: if the oil is there, “someone will find it and use it.” Why not transport it in the most efficient way possible while creating American jobs and strengthening our energy security?

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