Steyer’s Keystone XL Ad Gets Ignored…Again

OOPS! Steyer Inadvertently Celebrates Oil Boom in Jobs Ad

Tom Steyer launched his latest anti-Keystone XL television ad over the weekend, but you would hardly know it considering how little attention it got.

Looks like many in the media are getting tired of Steyer’s hyped-up claims and misleading statements (the New Yorker called his previous ads “political theater” and “stunts”).  In fact, the only news outlet that even bothered to mention his latest ad was USA Today. But, to their credit, they did their homework and provided a fact-check to Steyer’s claims.

In the ad, Steyer attempts – again – to dispute the thousands of jobs that would be created from Keystone XL.  At the ad’s 0:50 second mark Steyer proclaims: “A state department analysis found that Keystone will create just 35 permanent jobs.” Fortunately, USA Today makes sure to point out that the figures “come from a draft State Department review, which also found the pipeline would generate 42,100 direct and indirect jobs during a two-year construction phase.”  Perhaps Steyer realized that he wasn’t going to get away with pulling that number off because at the 0:54 second mark, there’s clearly a last minute edit with the addition of: “once the pipeline is built.” No joke – listen for yourself!

But what’s most striking about Steyer’s latest stunt is that he inadvertently hails domestic oil development: Steyer proclaims that the United States has dramatically reduced its dependence on foreign oil citing a Financial Times article, “US oil imports to fall to 25-year low.” Of course, we’ve been able to achieve this precisely because of our oil boom, as the Financial Times clearly points out.  From the article:

The figures reflect the spectacular growth of US production thanks to the unlocking of “tight oil” reserves using hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in states led by North Dakota and Texas.

Jack Gerard, head of the American Petroleum Institute, the industry lobby group, said the US was at “a great turning point in our nation’s history”, that would “realign the energy axis toward the west and into our own control”.


The surge in production in the US has led some forecasters, including the International Energy Agency, the rich countries’ think-tank, to predict that it will overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s largest oil producer by the end of the decade.

As Oil Sands Fact Check has noted on numerous occasions, the numbers get even better when we combine our oil boom with our neighbors to the North.  The International Energy Agency (IEA) has found that by 2018 North America will provide 40 percent of new energy supplies through the development of oil sands while contributions from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will drop to 30 percent. That’s the true key to North American energy security.

In the end, it easy to “draw the line” between a billionaire activist producing dishonest ads versus the labor and union groups, the business community, Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and the overwhelming number of Americans who support the energy security and job creation Keystone XL will bring.

After President Obama was fact-checked himself from a number of media outlets, including the Washington Post, Associated Press, and Politifact for getting his Keystone XL job numbers wrong, it’s time for him to side with the American people and put thousands of Americans to work.

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