Latest NRDC Recycled Julia Louis-Dreyfus Video Clip Shows Keystone XL Opponents Running Out of Ideas

As yet another poll released this week reveals that Americans overwhelmingly support the Keystone XL pipeline, opponents are running out of ideas, and continuing to recycle their worn out – and thoroughly – debunked claims.

The latest example?  Check out this video launched this week by the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) – notice anything familiar?  It looks a lot like another anti-Keystone XL video released in 2011 by Tar Sands Action.

Same actress, same stylish leather coat, same script – just change a bit of B-roll, swap some of the takes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus that weren’t used in the previous video, and change the rollout to say “President Obama has vowed not to approve this tar sands pipeline if it significantly increases global warming pollution. Send a message telling him that the Keystone XL fails his climate test and he needs to keep his promise by rejecting it” – and bam: you have a new video.

Of course, there’s nothing in their recycled video that hasn’t already been completely debunked.  Just this week, Oil Sands Fact Check released a report responding to all the outrageous claims opponents have been making over the past few months (and even years), including their claim on greenhouse gas emissions.  For the full story click here but it’s worth reiterating that Keystone XL will not significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions, as the State Department found, because Canada will develop its oil sands regardless.  And far from being a “dangerous pipeline” as the video alleges, Keystone XL will be held to the highest safety standards adopting 57 extra safety features above and beyond what any other pipeline currently has.

Meanwhile, a United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection poll released on July 16th found that “Americans are already decided” on Keystone XL: “more than two-thirds of respondents, 67 percent, support building the pipeline to carry Canadian oil to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast; that includes 56 percent of Democrats. Less than a quarter of Americans, 24 percent, oppose the project, the poll shows.”

As the Globe and Mail reported, this overwhelming support comes despite aggressive, vocal opposition from opponents: “Opponents had vowed to create a new groundswell of opposition over the summer, with funding from billionaire turned climate-change activist Tom Steyer. But so far, despite scattered and persistent demonstrations dogging the president and a single large – but below expectations – rally in Washington, there’s no evidence of a swing in public opinion away from broad backing of the project.”

Opponents have failed: “Americans are already decided.” It’s time for President Obama to listen to the American people and approve Keystone XL.

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