ICYMI: WATCH: API’s Schild Discusses Administration’s Latest Moves on Climate and Pipeline

WATCH: API’s Schild Discusses Administration’s Latest Moves on Climate and Pipeline

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Ahead of President Obama’s rollout of his administration’s new climate plan, Cindy Schild, Senior refining and oil sands manager at the American Petroleum Institute (API) spoke with E&E’s Monica Trauzzi in an OnPoint interview today to discuss the Obama administration’s forthcoming decision on the Keystone XL pipeline.

In the interview, Cindy Schild pointed out that for Keystone XL opponents the debate isn’t actually about the merits of the pipeline itself; instead the pipeline has become a symbol for opponents’ anti-oil agenda.  As she said,

I absolutely think it has become a symbol. I think it’s become a symbol for an off oil agenda or a climate change direction more than any of the debate is about the project itself. So certainly towards moving a cleaner energy agenda in their views. You know, you look at the nature of a lot of the oil that we’re talking about, it’s comparable to oils we’re already refining in this country.

Schild also noted the need for an all of the above approach to energy:

Sure, and we are certainly supportive of all forms of energy. We believe all forms should be part of the equation. We just don’t believe that a government should pick winners or losers, and one form should be penalized. And when you look at all projections going out for the next foreseeable future, we have oil and gas being the majority of the energy source that consumers are going to use. And they’re not interchangeable either. You can’t just have wind run your car in a day. So it’s going to be a process.

She also importantly pointed out that an overwhelming majority of Americans support Keystone XL to grow our economy, increase our energy security, and strengthen our highly beneficial trade relationship with Canada.

I think if the president wants to be a leader on this project as was discussed with Mr. Steyer, I think one way to lead is to follow what your Americans, what your constituents are saying. And in this country we’re looking at the Americans, poll after poll shows vast support for this project, for building the project, for Canadian oil sands in general. You look at our relationship with Canada. We’re the number one trading partnership with Canada. You look at the economic benefits of oil sands, aside from just this one project, one pipeline project, is tremendous. Ninety cents on the dollar we have returns from our trade with Canada. We don’t get that from other countries. Venezuela 27 cents. And the job creation of developing this resource and refining it in the U.S. So we can add value by bringing it to our U.S. refineries and making it into more valuable products.

Watch/Read the full interview here: http://www.eenews.net/tv/2013/06/25

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