NDEQ Finds KXL is Safe, Sound and an Economic Boost to Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) today released its final report, finding that the proposed route for the Keystone XL pipeline through the state would generate significant economic benefits, create jobs and adopt safety measures that ensure the safety and integrity of the line.

Due to opponents’ concerns about the route, President Obama denied TransCanada’s permit in January of last year, leading the company to resubmit the current pipeline route in September. Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman now has 30 days to review the report and make a recommendation on the NE route to the Department of State which is concurrently considering the full route running through South Dakota and Montana as well.

In addition to being one part of an unprecedented four year plus approval process, NDEQ’s report seems to be another hurdle that Keystone XL has cleared on its way to connecting with the southern portion of the line, finalizing the full Alberta-to-U.S. Gulf route. The project’s forward movement is a testament to the economic benefits it will provide and public support it has garnered in Nebraska and beyond. Consider:

  • The project would boost economic income nationwide, particularly in Nebraska. According to NDEQ, the construction of Keystone XL would result in $418.1 million in economic benefits, generate $16.5 million in use taxes from pipeline construction materials, and create annual local property tax revenues for the first year between $11 and $13 million.
  • The pipeline will adopt 57 special safety conditions that would exceed government regulations and industry standards.
  • As of August 2012, 62 percent of Americans, and specifically 61 percent of rural Nebraskans, support the pipeline.

With this positive route evaluation from NDEQ, and all prior federal Environmental Impact Statements finding no significant environmental concerns, the Obama Administration should soon find this project in our nation’s interest.

For more information on KXL’s journey over the years, and its positive effect on U.S. jobs, economy and national security, check out our latest resources on OilSandsFactCheck.org:



  1. george vincent says:

    I am glad to see that the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality board has approved of a positive route through Nebraska for the Keystone pipeline. I had faith that the good people of Nebraska would have the common sense to approve this pipeline that will improve the free market delivery of such a vital commodity as crude oil. The refined uses of crude oil is what has brought this nation from the horse and buggy days to the space age.

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