Myth vs. Fact: Keystone Pipeline

MYTH: The original Keystone pipeline was riddled with issues that will only be repeated – not improved.

FACT: In its final environmental review of Keystone XL plans, the U.S. State Department concluded that the project would be the safest pipeline ever built in the United States and that it would have “limited adverse environmental impacts.[1]” The owner and operator of the pipeline, TransCanada, states that Keystone XL will meet or exceed all requirements of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), the agency that regulates the design, construction and operation of U.S. pipelines.[2]

[1] U.S. State Department, Final EIS for the Proposed Keystone XL Project, 26 August 2011

[2] TransCanada website, “Pipeline Safety,” 30 March 2012



  1. Ilufa says:

    Joe, I couldn’t agree more.There is no off the shelf tcnehology that can currently replace oil. There are things we can do to limit its use and impact avoid unnecessary travel, use fuel efficient (or fuel free aka bicycles) vehicles when travel is required, switch to nuclear/hydroelectric/wind/etc electricity sources, and so forth.While I do congratulate this religious group for pulling its head out of its ass and realizing the old god gave us this world to do with what we want shtick was a recipe for disaster, their new-found environmentalism couldn’t be directed in a more inefficient manner. Which puts them right on par with most of the pro-environment lobby groups out there :(Want real change push for mandated switches to existing technologies which increase energy efficiency, push for more low-CO2 electricity generation, and push for more research $$$ for alt-energy research.As for the OP’s question, many of us in the scientific community (not an atheist organization, although most of us are both scientists and atheists) lobby quite heavily for science-based policy; and science-based policy is generally is quite progressive. Whether its lobbying for green laws, 3rd world development, disease eradication, etc, we’re often the guys/gals on the front line

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