Myth vs. Fact: Oil Sands Operations only Employ Canadians

MYTH: Oil sands operations only employ Canadians.

FACT: A variety of manufactured goods and raw materials required for Canadian oil sands development are currently provided by American companies and American workers. Additionally, for every U.S. dollar spent on Canadian exports – including oil – up to 89 cents is spent on imports of U.S. goods and services to Canada.[1]   According to a 2011 study by the Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI), Canadian oil sands development currently supports 80,000 U.S. jobs and has the potential to grow to over 500,000 jobs by 2035.[2]

[1] Statistics Canada & U.S Census Bureau data.

[2] Canadian Energy Research Institute (CERI), Economic Impacts, June 2011


  1. Helen says:

    I think the push to make the oil sands development aatbunccole for the environmental impacts is excellent. However, I agree with Mr Bishop above conservation should lead the way. The American and world public should fully understand their complaint and for those that are still driving, the hypocrisy of their environmentalism. I have found that while extraction of a barrel of oil requires emission of 80 kg of CO2, the burning of that barrel of oil will yield 530 kg of CO2. If you want your SUV, consider the alternative costs of your war in Iraq. Maybe you should do a environmental assessment of that mess! Americans have among the lowest fuel taxes for the G8 countries and the per capita fuel use is the highest. In Alberta we think that it would be entirely appropriate if Americans would pay an environmental fuel export surcharge that could be used to lower our carbon footprint.

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