Myth vs. Fact: KXL is not in our Nation’s Interest

MYTH: KXL is not in our nation’s interest.

FACT: At a recent conference in Fort Worth, TX, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said about the Keystone XL project, “There is absolutely no reason not to do it.”[1] In addition to supporting 20,000 American jobs, and injecting $20 billion into the U.S. economy[2], the Keystone XL and its related projects are supported by the American people by nearly a 2-1 margin.[3]

[1] EnergyWire, “Rice says ‘absolutely no reason’ to not build pipeline,” 25 April 2012

[2] TransCanada website, “Economic Benefits,” 2012

[3]Gallup, “Americans Favor Keystone XL Pipeline,” 22 March 2012

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