Myth vs. Fact: Canadian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Regulations

MYTH: Canadian greenhouse gas emissions regulations are weak and ineffective and are not strong enough to control oil sands emissions.

FACT: Unlike the United States’ other top five sources of imported crude oil, Alberta has strict regulations of emissions and monitoring of air quality.  According to government data[1], Alberta was the first jurisdiction in North America to establish regulations requiring large industrial facilities to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.  They must reduce their emissions intensity by 12 percent from 2003-2005 levels or pay carbon offsets in lieu. Notably, the oil sands region makes up only about 6.5 percent of Canada’s overall GHG emissions [2]and approximately 0.1 percent of the world’s emissions.

[1] Government of Alberta, Business: Facts and Statistics

[2] Government of Canada, Oil Sands: A strategic resource for Canada, North America and the global market, March 2012


  1. Hanafy says:

    You said “OPEC is likely cuttnig oil production by 2 million barrels/day. Doing the math, that equates to 740K metric tons of CO2e per day, or 270M tons per year. “Now, I don’t exactly know the math involved but is 740K/day the result of cuttnig production of 2 million barrels a day or the result of *not consuming 2 million barrels a day”?I ask because there’s a huge difference between the two.If the answer is the latter (not consuming), then we’re not really saving 740K/day because we wouldn’t be using less oil. In fact (assuming this is the case) the only thing OPEC has accomplished is keeping the price of oil from dropping even lower than it already has.On the other hand, if we are saving 740K/day by just not producing 2 million extra barrels of oil a day then that’s definitely a good thing. Of course, this still affects the price of oil as supply will catch up with demand.


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